Our shell moulding line is designed with 3 depositors. Used materials are all stainless steel.  By censors, we make the fillings automatically. You can transfer all the depositors by their apparatus.  The rotary section is made of Aluminum material and controlled pneumatically. In vibration part, by eliminating possible air bubbles in chocolate molds, chocolate to appear smooth of chocolate and easy processing at the next working station is provided.  This process also provides a homogeneous distrubition of chocolate.  The molds in this station dumps excess of chocolate in the molds to reservoir made of completely stainless steel at the lower portion by rotating 180°. Chocolate spreaded completely into the molds creates a shell in here.  After reversing system, the molds are to be vibrated in reversed form.

So that, a homogeneous distribution of chocolate is provided, and for further infomation please contact with us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We use wafer , biscuit, hazelnut, crispy rice apparatus for your desired product.