-Electrical, LPG or gas-heated, from  24 – 90 baking plate pairs with 280*380mm and 350*500mm

-self-supporting baking plates of gray cast iron for long service life, optimal energy exploitation and uniform wafer sheet color

-heating system effects efficient heating of the baking plates in the insulated chamber 

-wafer sheets released by air pressure

-automatic temperature control and operating data logging

-integrated exhaust system


For 90 plates with 350*500mm technical data;

-Fully automatic with heatproofing and convectional

-Can operate by LPG and natural gas 

-Gas protection system

-Mechanic locking system, working safely

-Automatic setting dough amount by special dough pump

-Automatic flame control

-Automatic firing

-Automatic taking sheet and its residue

-Automatic cleaning system

-PLC control with touch-screen

-The covers, and out body of the oven 1,5mm 304 stainless steel.

-The surfaces contacted with heat, indoor body of the oven, will be black material died.

-ısolation material will be rock wool.

-Plate numbers: 90, coated with chrome, 350 x 500mm

-Consumption of Natural Gas:  Max 45 – 50 m3/hour

-Length: 19000mm, Width: 1400mm, Heigth:2000mm

-Capacity; 38 - 40 sheets/min

-Required air pressure; 6 Bar

-Required electrical power; 10 kW

-Brand of motor; Yılmaz Reduktor

-Brand of Electrical Panel; Delta/Omron(depends on the customer)

-Balls; ORS