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    Wafer Line

    By specializing in wafer production and our well – experienced team, and of course with your trusts in our company, we create your goals as your directives.

    As our slogan says “ Start with Vemfo” to your investment.

    By being a safe pair of hand, we make your products which are in your dreams by our equipments.

    You only need to push the start button then we give you the final product.

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    Chocolate Line

    Besides wafer production , manufacturing chocolate products is our indispensible.

    Equipments with the best technology are the obligatory for good taste and market. To be in this steadliy growing type of industry, you need to choose good equipments with the best technology and automation.

    At this point, we take the responsiblity of innovative automation technology for your suitable equipments. The better equipment, the more benefit!

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    Cake Line

    It is the best time to join the bakery industry! It is a different kind of product which is mostly cooked in our kitchen, our olds or youngs, no matter, we all love making this easist product.

    Cake! Even if you are not hungry, when you think about a “Cake”, you just stop and thinking which type? Covered with chocolate? Injected ? baton or bite size? No matter how it is size, type, or etc., the most memorable think is “YOUR BRAND”.

    To make a well known brand in this very sensitive area, we help you to choose the best production for your needs.

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    Biscuit Line

    This small baked product is easy to store, easy to carry and the most beatiful thing is very good to eat in fishing, in picnic, or in somewhere about your journey.

    Pleasure of drinking tea by eating your biscuit is no where else. You just need to choose your biscuit, either hard and soft biscuit or cookie.

    When the time is taking a break, We are up there for you to choose your biscuit line. “Start with Vemfo”!

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    Recipes For Efficiency

    Starting with base recipe, the correct ingredients weighed out accurately, there is no failure for your production.

    With our valuable well – experienced food technologists, we manufacture the most economical and effective product which is suitable for you.

    If you are already quite accomplished manufacturer, we still have plenty of recipes.

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